How to Prep, Soak and Cure Aroma Beads

Freshie(s) is a term often used for car air fresheners
Supplies Needed: 
  • Premium Aroma Beads
  • Concentrated Fragrance Oil
  • Digital Scale
  • Glass Mason Jar with Lid (for mixing)
Disclaimer: Recommend ratio recipe is to be used as a guide only. We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results. You are responsible for your own testing. Always test, if you need additional assistance email us at
Basic Directions 8:2 ratio recipe:
8:2 Ratio - (8 oz Beads / 2 oz fragrance oil) by weight
  1. Turn on your scale, change the unit button until it reads ounces (oz), place your mason jar on the scale, then hit tare (this subtracts the weight of the jar) after you hit tare it will zero (0) out your scale, now remove your jar from the scale.
  2. Place the jar back on the scale remember it should read zero (0) on the scale, slowly pour the beads into the jar, stop pouring when your scale reads 8 oz.
  3. Slowly pour 2 oz of concentrated fragrance oil into the jar stop when your scale reads 10 ounces total. 
  4. Keep SHAKING the jar every few hours, alternating the jar upside down each time you shake it. It can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days for the beads to completely absorb all the oil it varies depending on the fragrance oil some oils are heavier than others so it can take longer to dry. Tip: Warmer temperatures and shaking often helps it absorb and dry faster.
  5. Once the oil is absorbed with the beads it will look dry to the touch and should not stick on the side of the jar. We recommend allowing it to cure for a minimum 10 days.
  6. After your beads are cured you're good to start crafting! :)
Soaking and Curing Time:
  • Soaking is when you mix the fragrance oil and beads together.
  • Curing begins after the fragrance oil is completely absorbed and the beads don't stick to the side of the jar or container.
Recommendation: You should let your beads cure for 7-10 days minimum the longer you allow the beads to cure the longer your scent will last.

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